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Architectural References

Fans improve processes & product in distilleries

April 03, 2017

Temperature and humidity conditions have profound effects on products such as beer, bourbon and wine. Smart usage of fans can improve processes and product.

February 24, 2016

The sleek, flowing curved aluminum front cover and end caps of the Indeeco BCHI offer a unique design for architectural applications. They are designed to fit under large windows to prevent cold down drafts. These heaters can provide total or supplemental heating for a variety of applications. The rugged design is built to withstand years of hard usage for your commercial application.

Architectural Ceing Diffusers allow for Great Performance Without Sacrificing Aesthetics

Krueger's Architectural Diffusers represent a new way of thinking about today’s air distribution. Instead of concealing the diffuser, as many have in the past, Krueger has chosen to use it as a tool to compliment the interior design in your office or work environment without sacrificing aesthetics.  Choose from a variety designs and options including mounting frames, textures & colors.  They can even put a logo on a diffuser!

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