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References for Mechanical Engineers & Designers

2016 Engineering Cookbook by Loren Cook Co.
     - A Handbook for the Mechanical Designer

Heating Calculator for Electric Heating & Controls by Indeeco

     - Free tools for calculating: Energy usage, Tank heating, Comparisons and                    more. Just fill in the neccesary values and we’ll do the rest.


Why are Seismic and Wind Restraints Needed? by Kinetics

     - This brochure presents Kinetics’ approach to designing & applying seismic

        restraint systems. These systems serve to limit the movement of equipment      

        and to keep the equipment captive during a high wind or seismic event.

Earn LEED™ points with Thermaflex Pro (flexible duct) by Thermaflex

     - Looking to receive LEED™ certification for your structures? Thermaflex's Pro Series flexible duct products can contribute to meeting LEED™ requirements. They are GREENGUARD-certified & feature a 10-year full warranty, the best in the industry.

Pump Handbook by Grundfos

     - Are you an engineer or technician working with design and installation of pumps and pump systems? From pump types and components, to precautions for viscous liquids, to life cycle costs, you will find answers to your technical questions about pumps in our Pump Handbook.

Design Heating Applications the Intelligent Way
Meet the expert within Heating systems in Commercial Buildings -- watch the film to learn how to design heating applications the intelligent way. Grundfos has declared war against outdated pump technology, and we are fighting back with intelligent pump solutions. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS is the evolution of pump applications from conventional component thinking to a system approach.
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