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Belimo Retrofit App

Belimo Retrofit App allows you to quickly and easily find HVAC replacement solutions for valves and actuators. Are you in need of a solution for a broken linkage, leaky hydraulic actuator, non-functioning electric or pneumatic actuator? Do you have a need for replacing a non-functioning application within a day or so? Try the Belimo Retrofit App which provides air and water retrofit application solutions, with direct coupled or remote access linkages, and energy efficient actuators.

Free download:  Google Play or iTunes App Store

Carrier Chillers Selection App

Carrier Chillers is the selection guide for Carrier Applied Products

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

Cook Fan Calculator App

The Fan Law Calculator is a convenient tool for mechanical engineers, test & balance contractors, and field tradesmen.  Input four existing field conidtions (cfm, rpm, static pressure & horespower) and one value of a new desired performance condition.  The Fan Law Calculator then performs the calculations for the new conditions.  Users are advised to verify maximum rpm limits of a products before increasing speeds.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

Danfoss ecoSmart App

Danfoss ecoSmart is a tool for determining the energy efficiency of VLT® and VACON® variable speed motor drives according to the EN50598-2 standard. 

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

Engineering Cookbook App

A convenient reference guide for mechanical designers.  It provides "fingertip" access to frequently needed information, including: Fan Basics, System Design, Duct Design, Motors & Drives, Heating & Refrigeration, Formulas & Conversion Factors.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

Grundfos GO App

Grundfos GO is a comprehensive platform for remote control, selection and information about products. It offers intuitive, handheld assistance and access to Grundfos online tools, and it saves valuable time for reporting and data collection.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

Louisiana Contractor App

Allows users to verify whether a contractor is licensed or registered to do construction work in Louisiana. Users can search the LSLBC database by company name, license number, or by the qualifying party’s name. Users can also use the app to file a complaint or report unlicensed activity.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

SPX Connect

Scan QR codes to quickly retrieve manuals, lookup support contact information, and request quotations for service or parts.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

SyncroFlo Aug Reality Catalog

View high resolution 3D models of the SyncroFlo packaged pumping systems when looking at the SyncroFlo catalog through the app. Models are available for each of the market segments. Easily share the catalog with colleagues or friends.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

Vent Tools App

Lindab Vent Tools is a collection of useful tools for the ventilation business which includes: Duct Calculator, Offset Bends / Offset T-Piece - Bend Calculator,  Length of insulation Calculator, Roof Angle Calculator.

Free Download: Google Play or iTunes App Store

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